The Foundation of Our Collection

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

J.K. Rowling

There’s a murderer on the loose and he has his sights set on Harry Potter; the boy who lived is in danger once more. Harry has never heard of notorious mass-murderer Sirius Black when he runs away from home one summer night, with only his owl, Hedwig, and his school trunk. Soon enough, the school is being guarded by fearsome Dementors, the guards of Azkaban prison, waiting to suck out the souls of the living with their terrifying kiss.

Nothing is certain in a world,where even time itself may not be what it seems.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

J.K. Rowling

Only three of the bravest witches or wizards over the age of seventeen may compete; their names to be drawn out of the enticing, golden Triwizard Cup. But this is no Quidditch match, and when the time comes, the unthinkable happens; an extra name is recalled from the cup, Harry Potter’s name! Now Harry is fighting for more than victory, he is battling for his life, against a sinister unseen force.With even his friends doubting him, Harry finds himself more alone than ever and in the greatest of danger...


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

J.K. Rowling

The wizarding world is divided; Lord Voldemort has returned in secret and not everyone believes Harry’s account of what happened to him in the final moments of the Triwizard Tournament. More alone than ever, Harry finds himself an enemy of The Ministry of Magic as it seeks to have an ever-more sinister control over Hogwarts. For the school is now under the governance of the ruthless, sugar-pink-clad, Dolores Umbridge who is intent on bringing her own brand of order to the school, using increasingly brutal methods.


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

J.K. Rowling

Who is the Half-Blood Prince?


Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

J.K. Rowling

‘Give me Harry Potter’ said Voldermort’s voice ‘and none shall be harmed. Give me Harry Potter and I shall leave the school untouched. Give me Harry Potter, and you will be rewarded.’

The battle of Hogwarts is coming, are you ready to join the fight?



Neil Gaiman

When Coraline steps through a door to find another house strangely similar to her own (only better), things seem marvelous. But there's another mother, another father, and they want her to stay and be their little girl. They want to change her, and never let her go. 

How will Coraline escape?


The Graveyard Book

Neil Gaiman

When a baby escapes a murderer intent on killing the entire family, who would have thought it would find safety and security in the local graveyard? Brought up by the resident ghosts, ghouls and spectres, Bod has an eccentric childhood learning about life from the dead. But for Bod there is also the danger of the murderer still looking for him - after all, he is the last remaining member of the family. 

Will Bod survive to be a man?


Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightening Thief

Rick Riordan

I was just a normal kid, I went to school (got expelled a lot, but that wasn't my fault), played sports and hung out with my best friend. 

Until I accidentally vaporized my maths teacher. 

Now, I spend my time at Camp Half Blood, battling monsters and generally trying to stay alive. 

And now that Zeus thinks I've stolen his lightning bolt, staying alive is going to be even harder... 


Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters

Rick Riordan

I look like a normal kid. Only there's a difference. Poseidon, God of the Sea is my dad. Which sounds cool, but actually means there is usually someone (or something), somewhere, trying to kill me. 

Now I live at Camp Half-Blood, with other kids like me. But Camp Half-Blood is a bit different to most summer camps. Instead of toasting marshmallows and singing campfire songs, we battle giant cannibals at dodgeball. 

This time, we're under attack, and I need to get my hands on the Golden Fleece or we'll be invaded by monsters. Big ones. 


Percy Jackson: The Titan's Curse

Rick Riordan

Half boy. Half God. ALL Hero. 

Normalcy has just gone out the window. My friend Annabeth is missing, a Goddess is in chains, and only five of us can join the quest to save the day. 

Oh and guess what. The Oracle has predicted that not all of us will survive... 


Percy Jackson: The Battle of the Labyrinth

Rick Riordan

Being the son of a Greek God, nothing in my life has been straightforward. Or monster-free. 

And it looks like that's not going to change anytime soon now that my arch enemy Luke wants to invade Camp Half-Blood via an ancient labyrinth.

If he succeeds, thousands of bloodthirsty monsters will attack. So it's goodbye sunshine, hello darkness as four of us descend into the terrifying underground and beyond . . .


Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian

Rick Riordan

Normally when you turn sixteen you get a really cool present. 

But, being sixteen and the son of Poseidon can never be that simple. So instead, I get a prophecy that says the fate of the entire world on my shoulders. Great. 

On top of that, Kronos, Lord of the Titans, is attacking New York City and the dreaded monster Typhon is heading our way. So, it's me and forty of my demi-god friends versus untold evil.

Happy birthday to me! 


The Hunger Games Trilogy

Suzane Collins

There is only one rule: kill or be killed. When sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen steps forward to take her younger sister's place in the games, she sees it as a death sentence.

But Katniss has been close to death before. For her, survival is second nature.


Around the World in 80 Days

Jules Verne